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UK Active Directory User Group gets a hit of PowerShell

The September meeting of the ADUG sees Richard Siddaway, of the UK PowerShell User Group, give an introduction to PowerShell. If you're able to get to Microsoft's London offices on the 16th for 6pm (BST) then this should be a great talk. Richard is just putting the finishing touches to his book PowerShell in Practice, which is aimed squarely at Windows sys admins and I expect he'll be packing a stack of that content into this session. Here's the official blurb:

Windows 2008 R2 brings PowerShell v2 installed by default. It also brings a raft of PowerShell functionality including a provider and cmdlets for Active Directory. This session will introduce PowerShell for those new to it and show you how to use PowerShell v2 and the Microsoft cmdlets to adminisiter your AD. We will also compare and contrast with AD tools currently available in PowerShell. This session will be demo heavy show you how to use the functionality in practice to make the administration of your AD quicker and easier.

There's also an interesting sounding presentation from Jane Lewis entitled "MDOP: Managing GPOs with Advanced Group Policy Management 3.0".

You can register at

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