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MVP Windows Server 2003 End of Service Roadshow

In early September 2014, MVPs and Community Leaders will be sharing their expertise to help you understand the technical and business impact of the end support for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2 and Small Business Server 2003. A lot has changed since 2003 and so have the Microsoft product offerings, giving you greater functionality and flexibility. The evening will cover the following: 
·         What does End of Support mean?
Learn about what end of support means for your business and the implications of running unsupported technology.
·         Why Windows Server 2012 and Azure?
Times have changed since 2003 and so have Microsoft’s  product offerings. Learn about the increased functionality in Windows Server 2012 and Azure and how they can help your business needs.
·         How do you move to Windows Server 2012?
Where to start can often be a daunting task when it comes to server migrations. This session will outline  the methodology you should apply when thinking of migrating, and more importantly, how to migrate shown through hands on demos.
·         Application compatibility
Application compatibility presents a potential barrier to upgrading. See first hand tools, hints and tips for upgrading your applications to Windows Server 2012 or to Azure.
You can find the registration details for each of the venues at these links:

European PowerShell Summit

Unfortunately I can't attend this event, but hopefully you're more fortunate than me in that respect because it looks to be excellent, and Amsterdam is a great city...

The European PowerShell Summit, organised by, will be in Amsterdam September 29 - October 1 2014 at the Park Hotel. Details at

The Summit will feature 3 days of PowerShell sessions from PowerShell team members, PowerShell MVPs and other PowerShell experts. It’s the in-person gathering place for PowerShell enthusiasts and PowerShell users. It’s a place to make new connections, learn new techniques, and offer something to your peers and colleagues.  If you can't get your PowerShell questions answered at the PowerShell Summit you'll never get an answer.

The Summit agenda is available to view at:

Registration is now open via

Desired State Configuration video

As I mentioned back in March, I recorded a short video on DSC as part of the UK and Ireland MVP Cloud OS Online event. However, I forgot to post the video here, so here it is:

There was a lot of great content over the two days, so you should check them all out on the MVP Rocks UK and Ireland YouTube channel.


MVP Cloud OS Week Online

Next Monday and Tuesday, you can get a day of online training for free from UK and Ireland Microsoft MVPs. The 31st has a load of sessions under the "Transform the Datacentre" banner, then on 1st April, it's all about "People Centric IT".

The schedule for content is as follows:

31 March: Transform the datacentre



MVP Speakers


Transform the Datacentre with Microsoft Cloud OS

Patrik Bihammar


What's New in Windows Server 2012 R2?

Aidan Finn


What's New in System Center 2012 R2?

Gordon McKenna


What’s New in Windows Azure?

Richard Astbury


PowerShell – Desired State

Jonathan Noble


Windows Server 2003 Migration – App Migration

Paul Keely


The hot topic of the moment: Storage Spaces  

Patrick Lownds


Find out more about SCOM

Kevin Greene


Understand how to use Service Manager

Steve Beaumont


Understand more about Azure Pack

Damian Flynn

1 April: Empower People Centric IT



MVP Speakers


What is People Centric IT?

Stuart Leddy


Why Windows 8.1 and Devices Overview

Mike Halsey


Windows XP End of Support – Why is this important to you?

Mike Halsey


Operating System Deployment in SCCM

Raphael Perez


Desktop and App Delivery with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI /RDS

Robert Marshall


Unified Device Management with SCCM + Windows Intune

Gordon McKenna


Exploring Bring your own device (BYOD) vs. Choose your own device (CYOD)

Simon Skinner


Access to corporate apps and data with work folders/dynamic access control/RMS/Direct Access/VPN

David Nudelman


Identity Management with WS 2012 R2/AD/ADF

Simon Skinner

Please note each session is pre-recorded and will be released at the time listed above.

Just head over to the MVP Rocks UK and IE YouTube channel at the appropriate time (GMT+1). 

There are also a number of MVP Cloud OS roadshow events going on around the world. You can find out more about the global events on the MVP Program Blog.


Finding unlinked GPOs with PowerShell

Easy. One line
Get-GPO -all | where {([xml]($_ | Get-GPOReport -ReportType XML)).gpo.LinksTo.Length -eq 0}